CAC Investment Strategies was founded in 2006 by a network of hands on savvy entrepreneurs. We are a private group of executives that provide a wide spectrum of services in industry vertical inclusive of foreign national investment opportunities in the U.S

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We own, manage and operate in the industries we practice. Our primary objective is to orientate, empower, and create new wealth and long term relationships for all our participating clients. Our model is simple; “We Do Not Follow Market Trends, But Create Market Opportunities As Leaders”.

Church Strategic Planning

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Residential Mortgages

Real Estate Development & Construction

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nation fund

To safely create one place for all Christians to unite and to meet all our missions. To not leave even one Christian or needy human being in need of our help. Proverbs 19:18,”Whoever favors the poor lends to the Lord and will be compensated.” To support each other as Christians on a global scale no matter of the denomination. To meet the commandments in the bible and be able to create unity and harmony within all our communities worldwide and ease our financial struggles as one body in NationFund.

Our platform was solely developed to empower all Christians whether you are a Minister, Missionary or Individual to assist all brothers and sisters in global Evangelization.