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Our elite plans are designed to make your coverage in all expertise of the field more affordable while giving you access to experts in their field. You can contact for assistance with things like financial counsel, purchasing a building, a home, expanding your asset portfolio, building a church, real estate development, fund-raising ,not for profit loans, document reviews and representation on your behalf. Your extensive plan will provide you with coverage as long as you pay your contractual agreement.. No more walking into a bank to speak to an employee, look for people on the internet, spend money on projects, fundraisers or run to an attorney when you are in trouble with your mortgage or loan. Your coverage starts immediately – you can get the professional help you need from day one
Our advisory services can be used to help you plan ahead to protect what’s important in the short or long term.Whether it’s prepare to purchase a property, expand, finance, review your existing plans or implement new plans or strategy to create new income producing programs or analyze your annual financial’s to improve your future. You will have access to direct lenders, private money, mortgages, consultants, financial planning, real estate reviews and overall trusted services to help you succeed. Whether you are a start-up or an existing or are launching a new venture you now have a fully dedicated consultant with direct sources to negotiate, review and implement proper planning strategies.
A minimum contract for 2 years is required and by choosing your tier plan, you are instantly approved. Our membership plans were specifically created for everyone within our community: individuals, families, businesses, and community leaders.
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