$2,000,000 dollars financed, property negotiated and permits soon in place for a school. And all in just 45 DAYS!


November 14, 2023

We consistently strive to position all our church clients in the best position to keep expanding in its mission! Our reorganization and investment in retaining us as consultants for short and long term goals outperformed the churches highest expectations. In just 3 months we evaluated, assessed and completed 10 years of work to make sure the churches operations were prepared for a huge leap and expansion. Now we are headed to phase 2! We found the property, financed it with our fund and all permits were put into place. Currently, we are working in licensing and partnering in the start-up of the school! We raise capital and insure the success of future income producing activities or business.

We are not just consultants, our firm represents hundreds of clients per year in any sector of any industry. Our strategy, resources and knowledge when implemented have continuously created incredible results in any market! As long as our clients follow our steps,we do the rest! Invest in your future now and stop waiting.


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